Raw Towai Honey New Zealand Organic Towai Honey


Hello, Thisi is Towai Honey 100% Pure New Zealand Honey.

Everything we do at Kahu stems from our core promise to protect and nurture our environment and the quality of our honey. This ensures we provide quality honey for your health and wellbeing.

You can shop with confidence in the knowledge that you are buying sustainable honey from a small New Zealand producer dedicated to ensuring the future of our bees and forests.

Reliable quality. Health for every day with reliable quality.

Mr B Dignan began the apiary’s journey in 1921 on the Ruawai flats. Ruawai is nestled on the Kaipara harbour, east of Dargaville and had been established from swamp land only 13 years prior. Over the next two years Mr Dignan worked to establish a 100 hive apiary.


Good things Natural antibacterial properties

Manuka honey has natural antibacterial properties and helps promote healing of wounds, cuts and burns. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and may help relieve symptoms of sore throats and colds.

It is rich in antioxidants and nutrients, which help boost the immune system. This may reduce susceptibility to illnesses such as colds and viral infections, and has a positive effect on the digestive system. It can help relieve symptoms of stomach ulcers, peptic ulcers and constipation.

It is also known to have a relaxing effect due to the sedative nature of its aroma and ingredients. Taking a small amount of manuka honey before bedtime can help to promote a deeper sleep and improved quality of sleep.

Our Purest Honey No additives.

To ensure you have our gold standard honey, look for the Reserve Batch Raw badge.

It’s our promise that you have our most organic and pure honey; with the subtlest of flavours. It is un-creamed, un-pasteurised, un-blended and contains no additives. Reserve Batch Raw honey comes from a single batch and has been meticulously taken from hive to jar or box to retain its delicate flavours.

Raw Towai Honey Pure New Zealand Organic Towai Honey

500g 13NZD