Sustainable honey = a healthy planet

Protection is at our core

Everything we do at Kahu stems from our core promise to protect and nurture our environment and the quality of our honey. This ensures we provide quality honey for your health and wellbeing.

You can shop with confidence in the knowledge that you are buying sustainable honey from a small New Zealand producer dedicated to ensuring the future of our bees and forests.


To ensure you have our gold standard honey, look for the Reserve Batch Raw badge.

It’s our promise that you have our most organic and pure honey; with the subtlest of flavours. It is un-creamed, un-pasteurised, un-blended and contains no additives. Reserve Batch Raw honey comes from a single batch and has been meticulously taken from hive to jar or box to retain its delicate flavours.


To ensure you have the finest grade honey we make, look for the Premium Raw tagline.

It is our promise that you have our finest, export grade honey, which perfectly balances consistency of flavour and texture. It is un-pasteurised and contains no additives. Premium Raw honey comes from a blend of batches, carefully selected to maximise taste sensation, and has been meticulously taken from hive to jar to retain its delicate flavours.


Learn about the journey your honey has taken – from our hives to your table.

Each honey batch we make is unique. When you scan the QR Code, we’ll let you know where your honey is from, how to use and store it, and how it can benefit your health.

Simply scan the QR code on your jar or box and click the link to discover more.

Click here to view an example.

Our planet’s Mauri

We take pride in sustainable beekeeping, and are committed to healthy forests, healthy bees and to honouring our planet’s ‘mauri’ (life force).

Our (life force) at Kahu is our bees and forests. Everything we do is connected to our core value of protecting and nurturing these precious resources. We will continue to look after every bee, tree and flower in our care for another hundred years and beyond.