Limited run of just 216, unblended jars of pure liquid Towai Honey. Made by our bees near the Waipoua Forest in Northland, NZ.

Towai Honey is very rare. It is a light-coloured honey similar to honey you get from the Kamahi tree. Towai honey is very sweet but with a subtle spiciness. It has a truly unique taste that our customers have come to love. It is a perfect everyday treat to spread on toast, have with yoghurt or cereal, as a healthy sugar replacement in coffee or other drinks or to use in many types of cooking.

500g jar


New Stock arriving in 2024


Reserve Batch Raw is Kahu’s finest. It is un-processed, un-creamed, un-pasteurised, un-blended and contains no additives. Kahu Bush Honey comes from a single batch and is meticulously extracted from hive to jar to retain its delicate flavours. Because Reserve Batch Raw is 100% natural with no refinement whatsoever, you will come to discover subtle differences in flavour and texture between batches.

Kahu honey is produced by Palmer Apiaries (est. 1921) – a company committed to healthy forests, healthy bees and to honouring our planet’s ‘mauri’ (life force). We sustainably care for our hives and are proud to bring you this gift of health and joy.

Trace your honey using the unique QR code to find out about its origin, how to use and store your honey and benefits of using our Premium Raw Manuka Honey.

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